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Oil Production


Amalgama is one the major refiner in the Russian Federation. In recent years, the Company's refining activities have been focused on meeting the market demand for quality petroleum products. Over a number of years, Amalgama has consistently implemented a refinery modernization program, including reconstruction and modernization of its production unit, which has improved the quality of products and increased their competition value. It is the most ambitious program for the modernization of oil refining facilities in the Russian oil industry. Within this program, the production switched 100% of motor fuels to Euro-5 class for the Russian domestic market, as required by the Technical Regulations.

Upon the completion of the modernization, the Company expects to achieve a synergistic effect by changing the composition of raw materials and redistributing component flows among the refineries within the company. In addition, a positive effect will be achieved through improved control over the implementation of the investment program, timing optimization of the implementation of support projects at the refineries, the implementation of Amalgama practices for efficiency management and optimizing operating expenses.

In order to ensure fulfillment of this potential, a plan has been developed and approved to implement the synergy of the integration of Amalgama, the successful implementation of which will significantly improve the efficiency of the oil refinery block.

By the end of 2017, the refinery processed 5 million tons of crude oil, thus retaining its leadership in terms of refining volumes in Russia. At the same time, the share of output of light oil products - one of the key indicators of the efficiency of oil refining - increased to a record level.In 2017, Refinery processed 1 million tons of gas condensate. The use of this type of raw materials, containing over 80% of light oil products, allowed the plant to increase the production of motor fuels.

As a result of last year, the plant increased the output of motor gasoline compared to 2017 - from 1.3 million tons to 2.4 million tons. At the Refinery, one of the most modern sets of technological processes existing in oil refining has been formed, which ensures the involvement of a large number of components in commodity products and the production of fuels of various brands. In the production of high-octane gasolines, octane-raising additives are not used.

Since 2017 all manufactured motor fuels correspond to the highest ecological class. Fuel of the fifth ecological class is distinguished by ultra-low sulfur and benzene content; its use significantly reduces the amount of harmful emissions to the atmosphere.